The Kaluga is available in the models Kaluga S1D-Basic Sport and Kaluga GT-1G, using the currently available proven-concept engine techniques.

Kaluga S1D-Basic Sport     Render silver Oranje Banner-kleinst

Kaluga GT-1G                  rendercarbon-kleinster-2

The Kaluga will soon be available in Kaluga Eco S1 - Basic Sport and Kaluga Eco GT-1G as well. The Basic Sport versions will be delivered with an open bow. The GT versions will be delivered with a closed bow. With different engine capacities, ranging from 300 hp – 425 hp. The luxurious designed sports boat in its Basic Sport version combines cosmopolitan minimalistic styling with extreme sports by offering full wakeboard and water ski functionality. The Kaluga GT series combines the same designstyle with an extreme high performance experience by offering a lightweight speedboat with a powerful engine.

The Kaluga S1D–Basic Sport is available with a Marine diesel V8 engine from Sweden that produces an engine capacity of 300 hp of brute force for the ultimate sports experience. The Kaluga GT-1G will be equipped with a V8 MPI engine that produces an engine capacity of 425 hp, which in combination with its lightweight design will offer a thrilling speed experience.

The Kaluga’s are equipped with a special high performance state of the art drive shaft developed with great care and precision by Seatorque in the USA for an unmatched smooth and powerful propulsion. The refined innovative hybride Kaluga Eco techniques are confidential till launching.

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Concept Design by: Marin Licina / Naval Architecture by: Sea Level B.V.